Unofficial and Honest Cloudflare System Status

Starting as early as at least 2022-10-26, users may experience a significant performance degradation when enabling HTTP/3 on their sites. Users are advised to disable HTTP/3 for better performance.

Update: Improvements have been made to HTTP/3 performance recently that greatly reduce the impact of this regression.

Billing issues relating to subscription adjustments
Incident Report for Cloudflare
We are currently experiencing delays in ticket response and a loss of functionality when upgrading and downgrading subscriptions. We see your tickets and appreciate your patience. All tickets will be actioned by our Support team.

You may now see that many of your issues have been fixed such as receiving duplicate invoices, unsuccessful or incomplete subscription modifications, missing invoices, and an inability to pay outstanding invoices.

If you created a ticket for one of these issues please feel encouraged to determine if your ticket is still needed. If it is no longer needed you can close your ticket now. Doing so may result in us getting to your tickets that still need help sooner.

If you are still experiencing issues, there could be actions you can take yourself to restore your service.

The majority of issues with managing/canceling subscriptions for account holders are due to unpaid invoices.

If you are receiving dashboard errors when attempting to make modifications to your subscriptions and services please note that you may have an unpaid invoice that was previously hidden that can be paid using the following steps:

1. Log in to your Cloudflare account
2. Click on “BIlling”
3. If you see an unpaid invoice click on it
4. From within the invoice, click the “Pay Online” link
5. You will then be redirected to the BIlling system where you can proceed with your payment
6. Once the payment is made you should be able to make any desired changes to your subscription including downgrades and cancelation that are in adherence with Cloudflare policies



Cloudflare Policies
Posted Jun 05, 2024 - 23:58 UTC
This incident affects: Cloudflare Sites and Services (Billing).